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Our SIP based USB Phones, Broadband IP Phones, Terminal Adapters, Gateways and Softphone meet the needs of every user from consumer to small and medium size businesses.

Our plug and play design and patented bandwidth compensation technology makes the voice quality of our Net Phone nearly equal to regular phone, and Internet to Internet calls even better!

Product Catalogue

Broadband IP Phone

Full featured RJ45-LAN based IP phone with built in Hubs/Bridge and more

VoIP Adaptors

Complete family of Terminal Adapters and Gateways with multiple FXO, FXS and LAN and WAN ports

Multimedia Gateway

Our advanced gateways include built-in routers, firewall, FXO, FXS, WAN/LAN ports

Softphone Application

Make and receive calls from your PC, and access our feature rich softswitch