Koncept to be sole Next Generation Network provider to CERNET

Marketing  12-28-2006

China Educational Research Network Connects 1,500 Universities, 20 Million Students and 3 Million Faculty

CINCINNATI, Ohio; Shenzen, China, (December 28, 2006)

Koncept International, Inc., a U.S. corporation with offices in China, London, Los Angeles and Cincinnati, and designer and developer of a Next Generation Network (NGN) and associated value added services and content, will be the exclusive provider of NGN branded E-TONE for the China Educational Research Network (CERNET), beginning December 2006?lt;/p>

CERNET, the largest private Fiber Optic Internet (IPV.6) network in China , connecting more than 1500 universities and 20 million Chinese students and 3 million faculty and administrators. CERNET provides users with internet access, and information services. From the CERNET website, those on the network will be able to make calls anywhere in the world and download music and movies from a single user interface.

Pricing to the students will be the lowest for any NGN service in China and without monthly fees. This will allow users to use the Internet to communicate to family and friends anywhere in the world for costs far below mobile or traditional land line services. As well, users will be able to access a large library of music and movie content CERNET NGN account.

CERNET is very excited to form this partnership with Koncept,? said Jianping Wu, Chairman of CERNET. ?We believe the value added NGN services compliment our network and its user?s needs.?

Clearly our relationship with CERNET is a significant milestone in the communications industry,? said Jeffrey Holtmeier, CEO of Koncept International, Inc. ?Our NGN network and it value added services provides the more than 23 million Chinese students and administrators quality communications and content from a single account.?


Koncept International, Inc. is a designer and developer of NGN Products, Softswitch Billing and Routing Platform. A U.S. Corporation with R&D in Shenzhen , China and Network Operations in Los Angeles , CA and Chengdu , China , is an industry leader of patented VoIP technologies including VoIP telephones, gateways, softphone and a fully integrated softswitch, billing, and OSS platform. Koncept completes calls 'On-Net' through its own Global Network via its uniquely distributed architecture of server farms located in every major country. Land line and mobile calls (Off-Net) to more than 1900 destinations in more than 190 countries are completed through Koncept managed NOC. Koncept Solutions enable the content and service provider to deliver NGN services to their customers with a complete end-to-end platform that currently serves the consumer, SOHO and SMB markets worldwide. www.konceptusa.com


The China Education and Research Network (CERNET) is the first nationwide education and research computer network in China. The CERNET project is funded by the Chinese government and directly managed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is constructed and operated by Tsinghua and other leading universities.

It is a network infrastructure mainly serving universities, institutes, colleges and schools all over China .?lt;/p>