VoIPod SMB - KTA-3100 Gateway

Product Overview

KTA3100 is suitable for public telephone bar as well as small companies with 10 to 40 staff, especially when the companies have some other internet applications. The main feature of this product is using 4 FXS ports to operate VoIP calling in order to lower the cost.

Competitive Features

  • Enables PBX connection to VoIP Services
  • SIP protocol
  • For office use
  • 4 FXS ports
  • Ethernet ports: ONE* 100 Base-T Ethernet port
  • Functions: Caller ID transfer, Call forwarding: Busy, No answer, Volume adjust, Ringer selection by caller ID
  • Support features: Call hold/Retrieve, Call waiting, Call transfer, 3-way calling, Split 3-way calling, T.38 fax, Do Not Disturb
  • Support IP inbound relay function(4 port use 1 account for incoming call)
  • Support billing machine and get CD