KTA-3000 Gateway

Product Overview

Perfect for the home or the Small Midsize Business (SMB). Everything that you need in one package. Firewall, router, and two independent telephone lines. Offering advanced calling features, Transfer, Hold, 3-way Calling, Caller ID and Call Waiting, it even supports FAX. Whether a small office or a single person business the KTA3000 provides you with a complete single package communications solution.

KTA3000 Router/Terminal Adaptor is flexible and supports multiple IP addressing methods, PPPoE, Static IP, etc. It allows you to protect your network through various IP security and firewall methods.

The KTA3000 offers a wealth of calling features, from Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3 way calling, Voicemail, call transfer, caller ID, fax and many more. The KT3000 is the ideal solution for your home or small business office.

Plug into your Key System or PBX system to reduce PSTN costs,create instant VPN and Telecommuting solutions.


Competitive Features

  • SIP protocol
  • For family and SOHO use
  • 2 FXS ports
  • Ethernet ports: TWO* 100 Base-T Ethernet ports, Bridge/Router function
  • Functions: Caller ID transfer, Call forwarding: Busy, No answer, Volume adjust, Ringer selection by caller ID
  • Support features: Call hold/Retrieve, Call waiting, Call transfer, 3-way calling, Split 3-way calling, T.38 fax, Do Not Disturb
  • Support IP inbound relay function(2 port use 1 account for incoming call)
  • Support billing machine and get CDR