How to Buy

How to Buy

General Distribution

Koncept VoIP Netphones, Gateways,Terminal Adapters and End to End VoIP solutions are available through a worldwide channel of Virtual Service Providers.


Private Label VSP Solutions

Customized End to End VoIP solutions are available directly from Koncept. Koncept solutions are designed for the Virtual Service Provider (VSP). Our relationships are established based on the number of subscribers that our VSP's will manage annually.
Our complete private label VSP solution includes:

  • Suite of Netphones, Gateways, and Terminal Adapters
  • Integrated Softswitch, Billing, Administration, and Enhanced applications
  • Worldwide call termination to more than 1200 mobile and terrestrial destinations in more than 190 countries.
  • E-Commerce Web Tools, Customized packaging, and Tier II 24x7 Technical Support for VSP's
  • Several Virtual Service Provider (VSP) Models to choose from based on your business plan (Go to PARTNERS)

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Markets: Asia, Africa, Australia,North America, South America, Europe

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